We would love for you to join us as we orient our lives toward God, and godliness….together.

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Where We Are

CBC is located in Cambridge, Nebraska, two blocks North of Hwy 6/34 on Patterson St, directly across from the Cambridge Community Building.
Church: 308-697-4225
Pastor's cell: 308-695-4520
Pastor's e-mail: chaplainwitt@yahoo.com

When We Meet

Sunday Worship: 9:30am
Sunday School: 11:00am
Wed Good News Club: 3:45pm-5:15pm
Ages 4/5 and K-6 grade

Who We Are

CBC is part of the Heartland District in the Baptist General Conference. More info can be found at www.convergeheartland,org.

“To be a slave to the compass is to have the freedom of the seas.”

On a journey an instrument for direction is critical. To possess the instrument, such as a compass, is critical. To know how to orient and use it can be life-saving. If you hope to arrive at a desired destination, it is only the possession and correct use of the instrument that will get you there. Just ask the man who was going to visit a country church one morning, only to find himself at an abandoned barn because his GPS quit working on gravel!

Here at Calvary Baptist we are “orienting life” toward our soul’s True North, the Lord God Almighty. Our compass is the Lord Jesus Christ in our souls and the Bible in our hands. If we ever hope to arrive in heaven, we must start there. Only then can we begin to navigate life and move through it with freedom and certainty. And in the Christian faith, the journey is just as important as the destination. It is in Jesus and through the Bible that we find “direction” for our soul. Without them we are utterly “lost at sea”, being tossed back and forth by culture and self. It is amazing to sense the freedom you have “once you know where you are, where you are going, and how to get there”.

We would love for you to visit, and we would enjoy serving you in any way we can. Would you join us as we “orient life, together?”